What happened at Maapilimot Seminar 2019?

Maapilimot Seminar 2019

This past weekend, maapilimot from shkavot 68 through 64, from all six of our machanot, gathered at Machaneh Galil in Ottsville, PA for Maapilimot Seminar 2019. The five-day seminar was packed with peulot, decision-making, bonding, and fun! Maap Sem was planned by a vaad of dedicated maapilimot representing all the shkavot and machanot.

Maapilimot discussing how to make machaneh an anti-racist space this summer.
Everyone left the seminar with their own tie-dye shirt. The different colors symbolize the inter-connection between kvutzot and machanot in HDNA.
Maapilimot and shlichimot discussing this year’s rise in Antisemetism and how to educate about this disturbing trend during the summer.
Summer shlichimot and bogrimot of HDNA Shawn Guttman (left) and Sara Adams (right) joined us at Maapilimot Seminar. They will spend the summer at Gesher and Mosh, respectively.
At Maapilimot Seminar, we held a special session of Veida to elect Leah Schwartz, Mosh 64, as the next mazkira of HDNA!
Kvutzat 67 at Maapilimot Seminar.
Kvutzat 65 at Maapilimot Seminar.
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