Ma’apilimot Seminar

Ma’apilimot Seminar – Registration Deadline April 23rd! Click here to Register

Don’t forget to register for Ma’ap Sem! We would love to see all of the ma’apilimot there! Registration closes on April 23rd!

Let’s celebrate with a lil FAQ!

  • Who? Every ma’apilol aged Shichvah 73 and older
  • What? A 5-day seminar with other ma’apilimot, full of peulot, chevratim, banter, & vibes
  • When? Thursday, May 23 (in the afternoon) through Monday, May 27 (in the early afternoon)
  • Where? Machaneh Moshava in Street, Maryland
  • Why? To build relationships with other ma’apilimot, prepare for the summer, learn collectively, have fun!

If you need more convincing, here’s what people said about ma’ap sem last year:

  • “Maap Sem has shown the movement that we can have fun together again and that really builds strong bonds between maapilimot.” — The New York Times
  • “Everything was so well planned out and handled with lots of care and thought. Engagement levels were through the roof and this helped make everything that much better.” — Oprah
  • “I felt that the peulot really met me (and the movement) in the place we were at. It was incredibly important that we discussed the topics that we did” — Martin Buber

If finances will be a barrier for you to attend the seminar, fill out this scholarship application. We are still accepting scholarship applications on a rolling basis. Do not wait to apply!

***Important Note: In order to attend, you must fill out both the registration form AND the travel form. The travel form is also linked within the registration form.