Six North American Summer Camps

Machanot Kayitz — מחנות קיץ

Habonim Dror machanot (summer camps) provide children ages 8 – 17 with a unique camping experience. Based on the model of a kibbutz, each machaneh (camp) creates a close-knit community based on Jewish ideals of collective responsibility, respect, equality and friendship. A wealth of activities, programs and scouting events are offered at each machaneh: from arts and crafts to Hebrew songs and rikud (Israeli dancing); a full sports program to nature study. Campers will grow physically, emotionally and intellectually in a creative, open and caring environment. Habonim Dror has been providing a machaneh experience since 1932.



To find out more about Habonim Dror Machanot Kayitz (Summer Camps), follow the links below to their website:

Machaneh Miriam Pacific Northwest (US and Canada)
Machaneh Gilboa Western United States
Machaneh Tavor Mid-West United States
Machaneh Gesher Eastern Canada
Machaneh Galil Pennsylvania and New Jersey
Machaneh Moshava (Mosh) Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia


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