Habonim was established in London in 1929 by Wellesley Aron. By the mid 1930’s the English movement already boasted 10,000 members and had spread to North America (1935), South Africa (1930), India (1935), Australia (1940), Argentina & Brazil (1945), New Zealand (1949), and Holland (1950).

Dror was established in 1915 in Russia as a Socialist-Zionist youth movement. Dror soon spread to Poland and throughout Europe and by the 1930′s had also opened centers in South America. By the mid-forties, the movement existed in South Africa and in 1961 Dror was founded in England. Habonim in North America was born out of the 1935 convention of the Poale Zion (Workers of Zion). It was formed on the principles of Zionism, the answer to the question of the fate of the Jewish people, and Socialism, the solution to society’s problems.

In 1982, Habonim merged with Dror and Habonim Dror North America was created.