Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

Habonim Dror believes in a socialism based on the values of equality, social justice, collectivism, peace and democracy, and educates its chaverim towards contributing to a society and living a life based on these values in Israel. Habonim Dror asserts that the practice of socialism – combining elements of common ownership, democracy, free access to resources and an understanding of collective responsibility is essential for the equality of all people.

Consistent with our ideology, Habonim Dror believes that qualified program applicants should not be excluded from participation due to an inability to pay.  We have a supportive alumni organization that raise funds to subsidize the high cost of programs and to provide scholarships.

HDNA Scholarships

The Isaac Merkel Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for Habonim Dror Israel program participants.  For information and  to apply, use the contact us form and select Rakezet Tochniot (Programs Director).  Learn more about Issac Merkel.

Habonim Dror North America has a modest scholarship fund to help participants. Apply ASAP. Additionally, we can also offer alternative payment schedules to help ease the financial challenge of Workshop. If interested, please use the contact us form and select Gizbarit (Finance Director).

Working with many community organizations both in North America and Israel we can assist with scholarship applications.   

General Scholarship Information
Amy Adina Schulman Fund: Grants are awarded to American and Canadian applicants who will spend time in Israel engaging in volunteer work and progressive social action projects. Apply ASAP.

The Schneider Fund: The Ida Schneider Rose & Solomon Schneider Fund was established in 1986 to support research and human services activities in Israel, as well as programs with foster Jewish identity and continuity though connection to Israel.  The Schneider Fund will award up to six $1,000-$3,000 grants to cover direct Workshop fees. Go to and look under “Grants and Scholarships” for more information.

Masa: Masa is an organization funded by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the government of Israel to assist Jewish youth who want to go on Israel programs. Workshop is an approved Masa program. Masa offers both grants and needs-based scholarships. You will be eligible to apply for Masa grants and scholarships once you sign up for Habonim Dror Workshop through the portal on the Masa website.

Jewish Federations: Many local Jewish Federations have scholarship and grants to help send Jewish youth to Israel. Call your local Jewish Federation and ask to speak to the Finance Director or the person in charge of scholarships. Explain your situation, ask about sources of funding from within the organization, and then see if the staff can also recommend other sources of funding available in your local community. We highly recommend calling, rather than emailing, and contacting your local federation as early as possible. You can find your local federation here.

Synagogues: Many synagogues have scholarship funds to assist Jewish youth in participating in Israel programs.

Community organizations: Other Jewish community organizations may have scholarships available or be able to assist you in identifying other sources of funding in your area. Contact the local JCC, or other Jewish and Zionist organizations that may be in your area.

Additional funding: We encourage you to check out additional funding sources here.

Sample Email to a Scholarship Provider



I’m writing to ask if ______ supports youth in their efforts to go on an organized trip to Israel. I am a member of Habonim Dror, a Zionist youth movement focused on education and social action. We spend a lot of time learning about and discussing Israel, and we send campers and young adults to Israel on various movement programs.


This year, a group of Habonim Dror members my age will be attending ______, [include a short explanation of the program]. ______ is an amazing opportunity for Habonim Dror members to deepen their relationship with Israel and to think about our responsibility to strengthen it. The program allows students to learn about Israel through an immersive educational experience, enriching their engagement with the Jewish community once they return.


In order to attend this program, I am in need of some financial support. I read on your website that ______ provides scholarships for young Jews to attend programs in Israel, but I could not find the link for the scholarship application. Please let me know how I can apply for these scholarships at your earliest convenience.


[Alternatively, etc.]: In order to attend this program, I am in need of some financial support. I read on your website that ______ supports young Jews engaging in Israel, so I was wondering if this could include a scholarship that would support my attendance on this program.


Thank you very much, [and I look forward to hearing from you soon,]


Other Places to look for Scholarships 

  • Your machaneh! 
  • Your local ken and madrichim, for help with your scholarship applications.
  • Your synagogue’s men’s club/women’s club.
  • Your Rabbi. Rabbis often have discretionary funds, separate from synagogue funds, which they can use… at their discretion.
  • Your local Bureau/Builders of Jewish Education (BJE).
  • Your local Jewish Community Center (JCC).
  • Your university/college Hillel.
  • Any other Jewish group you’re a part of.
  • Your Jewish Day School.
  • Hebrew Free Loan (interest-free loans).