Welcome to SHANA 7!

There’s nothing like the relationships you form at machaneh—don’t lose touch as you head to university! Instead, join your kvutza to continue your HDNA journey together, in SHANA (Shnat Hatchala North America – Beginning Year North America)

SHANA (Shnat Hatchala North America – Beginning Year North America) is a mixture of online peulot and in-person seminars that HDNA is offering to shichvat 69 this year. This will be the seventh year of SHANA, and we are really looking forward to another year full of awesome conversations, difficult questions, and all sorts of videoconferencing shenanigans!


Register and apply for scholarship for SHANA using this form. The deadline is September 1.


  • September: Peula
  • October: Peula
  • November: Peula
  • December 27-31: Veida
  • January: Peula
  • February: Peula
  • March: Peula
  • April: Peula
  • May 21-25: Maapilimot Seminar

Tuition & Scholarship

There are two ways to pay for SHANA: bundled and pay-as-you-go.

The bundled price saves participants money and allows us to plan ahead. It covers tuition and travel for monthly online programming, Veida (a 5-day movement-wide seminar in December), and Maapilimot Seminar (a 5-day movement-wide seminar in May). $830 USD for Americans & $630 USD for Canadians.

You can also pay separately for peulot and seminars:

Online peulot: $69 USD

Veida: $630 USD Americans, $465 USD Canadians

Maapilimot Seminar: TBD

You will be asked to choose a payment option as part of registration.



As you graduate high school and enter your next chapter, you will likely encounter new opportunities and challenges. SHANA is designed to help participants get accustomed to their new environment while maintaining a strong connection to the supportive Jewish community in Habonim Dror. Participants will have a chance to maintain old relationships and begin new friendships with other HDNA members their age. Together, they will explore Jewish history and current social issues in Israel and North America. The result is a year enriched by the support of a strong community and a continued bond to Judaism.

Participants interested in a more intensive program to continue their Habonim Dror experience should check out Workshop, our gap year program in Israel.

What are the online peulot about?

SHANA covers topics parallel to Workshop, like Jewish history, the history of Zionism, the origins and modern reality of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the history of youth movements, and social issues in Israel today. We also process current events together and share our experiences during the transition to university. Kvutzot can also plan their own content or choose topics to add to the tochnit, especially in the second semester. 

What are Veida and Maapilimot Seminar?

Veida is HDNA’s democratic decision-making structure, happening this coming December. The Veida makes changes to the Constitution, sets educational and ideological stances of the movement, suggests changes to our programs, and more! Maapilimot Seminar is an annual event in May for maapilimot (college-aged HDNA members), where we discuss topics relevant to the state of the movement and the coming summer. 

What does the program cost cover?

The bundled price covers tuition for monthly online programming, Veida (a 5-day movement-wide seminar in December), and Maapilimot Seminar (a 5-day movement-wide seminar in May). All travel is included. 

Participants can also choose the pay as you go option, paying for each part individually.

Why would I pay the bundle price?

SHANA is centered around the group experience and the relationships participants form with one another. The bundle price makes it easier for us and for you to plan ahead, logistically and financially, to make sure that the in-person aspects of the program are as meaningful as possible. By paying the bundle price, you will only need to fill out one form, for registration and scholarship, for the entire year. Plus, you will save $100 USD or more compared to paying as you go. We offer scholarships and payment plans to those paying the bundle price. 

Of course, we welcome participants to choose the pay-as-you-go option for scheduling reasons. We ask that you get in touch with us to discuss scholarships if finances are an obstacle to choosing the bundle price!

How will travel work?

The Central Office will book travel for participants unless otherwise agreed upon. No travel will be booked without participant approval. After travel is booked, we cannot offer refunds for events that you miss.  

I can’t afford the bundle price, but I want to participate. What should I do?

We understand that potential participants may face numerous obstacles financially. The bundle is designed to save participants money, as it means discounted prices on all seminars relative to the pay-as-you-go option. That said, we have scholarships available to all participants. We ask that you fill out the registration and scholarship form as soon as possible.