A Va’ad is a group or committee that works towards a common goal or overarching theme.


Anti-Racism Va’ad: The Anti-Racism Va’ad is a collection of movement members invested in bringing anti-racist education and policy to the machanot. The Anti-Racism Va’ad is in partnership with the Dismantling Racism from the Inside Out (DRIO) course run by the IOWA project. This course teaches va’ad members to use tenets of Mussar and Kabbalistic practice to undo expressions of white supremacy in themselves and others.

Zionism Va’ad: The Zionism Va’ad is a collection of movement members responsible for setting the movement’s educational arc around Israel/Palestine and Zionism. The Zionism Va’ad was formed following a Veida proposal which tasked them with creating a proposal about movement Zionism. In its current formulation, the va’ad plans programming for movement seminars and runs online peulot, including a series about the war which was piloted in spring of 2024.

Tzevet Higui : Tzevet Higui is comprised of two ma’apilimot from each machaneh. It is HDNA’s steering committee and exists to both advise the Mazkirut Artzit on major decisions and be the bridge between the central office and the machanot.

12th Grade Va’ad: The 12th Grade Va’ad is comprised of two 12th graders from every machaneh. They are responsible for planning and running fun, online activities for their wider age-group. The purpose of this va’ad is to develop leadership in va’ad members as well as facilitate a deep kvutza connection amongst 12th graders in the movement.

If you are interested in joining any of these Va’adot or just want more information please email