Progressive Labor Zionism

In 2015, HDNA’s members affirmed our vision for Progressive Labor Zionism based on the following principles:

Jewish Peoplehood

Israel is the central physical, cultural and spiritual space for the Jewish people that demands full participation from Diasporic Jewish communities in shaping its future.

Constant Revolution

Israel is an ongoing project for Jewish liberation that is in a state of constant revolution toward justice, pioneered by youth. This liberation must include, and must not be limited to a true commitment from chaverimot in the tnua to learning Hebrew with the goal of continuing its revival as the Jewish language and the development of Hebrew culture.


לאומיות [Le’umiut], the full expression of peoplehood that does not come at the expense of other peoples, not לאומנות[Le’umanut] (the privileging a of nation-state over individual rights and over other nations). This distinction embraces nationalism as a potential form of liberation for all people, not as an oppressive and ethnocentric tool. This distinction also recognizes that in the current reality, the state acts as an instrument of oppression of peoples, and this tension must be engaged with through education. 

Shivyon Erech Ha’adam

The Socialist value of שוויון ערך האדם [shivyon erech ha’adam] (the equality of human value), which call us to to build a radically just and equal society in terms of race, gender, ability, sexual identity and economic class. 

Kiyyum Meshutaf

קיום משותף [Kiyyum meshutaf], or the idea of the deeply shared existences of peoples, which demands the joint liberation of both Israelis and Palestinians from the participation in the cycles of oppression and violence as agents and victims. This liberation must include and is not limited to: 

1.  An immediate end to the Occupation 

2. A commitment to a Two-State Solution creating a Palestinian state alongside Israel, with the Israeli State being based on the values of socialism and democracy. This comes with the understanding that the success of the Zionist project is contingent on the success and viability of a neighboring Palestine. 

3. A deep engagement among the chaverimot with the Arabic language. 

Kehiliat Kehiliot

קהילת קהיליות [Kehilliat Kehilyot], the idea of a diverse and vibrant Israeli commonwealth made up of many distinct Jewish and non-Jewish communities who are all empowered to live by their way of life, and are all working collectively to shape their shared society.

Labor Zionism

Labor Zionism as our movement’s historical and ideological foundation that we continue to learn from, critically interrogate and actively shape, drawing inspiration from its spirit of youth rebellion and personal and collective הגשמה [hagshama] (actualization). 


Active and ongoing partnership with movements in Israel, and North America who share our vision. This includes but is not limited to: the Tnuat Bogrim, HaNoar HaOved v’HaLomed, Dror Yisrael, and political parties and social movements with whom we share fundamental values.