Bridges, Bravery, Bricks, and…Sandwiches! The Rakazei Chinuch share their themes for Summer 2019

Every summer, the rakazei chinuch (educational directors) at our six machanot choose a theme for their educational tochniot (programs). Taken together, the themes give a taste of the kind of education chanichimot (campers) in HDNA will go through this summer: active, visionary, empowering, and most of all fun! Here are this summer’s themes, presented by the rakazei chinuch themselves.

The summer mazkiriot for Summer 2019, gathered at Moetzet Mazkirut in March.

“The theme for Machaneh Gilboa this summer is “Brick & Mortar: Building Towards the Stars.” Our dreams inform what we build and what we build inspires us to dream bigger. By returning to basics – that which we can see, feel, touch, and hear – we can relate education to chanichimot’s daily lives and build from there!” – Claire Goldberg, Rakezet Chinuch at Machaneh Gilboa for Summer 2019

“The Tochnit for Machaneh Moshava this summer is A Summer of Action! This theme is based around the broad term of action and will involve chanichimot and tzevet actively engaging in peulot where they are physically, socially, and emotionally active in Mosh and the areas surrounding Mosh.” – Ben Markbreiter, Rakazol Chinuch at Machaneh Moshava for Summer 2019

“The tochniot are about being brave even in the face of being wrong and about youth empowerment. As such the tochnit for tzevet is about how they can assert themselves with the intention of them being able to bring similar strengths to their chanichimot.” – Tom Benamram, Rakaz Chinuch at Machaneh Galil for Summer 2019

Machaneh Miriam‘s educational theme this summer is about Youth! I was inspired by this year’s rise in youth-led activism and organizing that bases off a dream for a better, brighter future. Youth have a unique ability to imagine and create alternatives to the society that they are in, as well as to have so much creative, silly, fun, and that’s so much of the magic that we create at machaneh each summer and in the ken year-round. Buber says that “The youth are humanity’s eternal possibility for happiness,” and this tochnit brings that in all of our educational experiences this summer.” – Marina Levy, Rakezet Chinuch at Machaneh Miriam for Summer 2019

“This summer at Machaneh Tavor, the theme is curiosity. I am so excited to help tzevet and chanichimot ask questions together of ourselves and our society!” – Ariel Hasak-Lowy, Rakezet Chinuch at Machaneh Tavor for Summer 2019

“At Machaneh Gesher, the theme of the summer is “Building Bridges & Making Sandwiches.” Not only can bridges connect us, they are paths between where we are today and where we want to get to tomorrow – while sandwiches give us the energy to build. We aim to fuel our chanichimot with creative spaces for self exploration, imaginative shared experiences and powerful content in order to form bridges between kvutzah, community and the world around us.” – Eyal Wilk, Rakaz Chinuch at Machaneh Gesher for Summer 2019

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