Zionism Zine

In HDNA we are often very busy educating and acting, but, especially as we enter a new year, we sometimes need to create and reflect. Check out this zine filled with art, writing, and poetry created by HDNA ma’apilimot, about the beauty, nuances, and challenges of Zionism. Thank you and kol hakavod to all the contributors! View select artwork from the zine below, or click here to view the full zine.

“narrow orange skin

speckled like a golf ball

it is the skin that’s sweet, i’m told

not the fruit

they’re unbearable sour”

our intentions were streams of water we held in ourselves

we stood with our mouths open,

and they poured out across the space that separated us

i dreamt they formed a stream that ran through the house and never dried

“Ultimately, his ignorance and hate confirmed for me the importance of our showing up to that event and sending a strong message that the work of establishing Israel—in the spirit of its founding documents, as a just state, at peace with its neighbors—is by no means done.”

“i could talk about how i didn’t come to a college class on a day where we were talking about israel, because i didn’t want to out myself as a zionist and be responsible for explaining how my zionism is different. i could talk about all of the times that we, as a people, have been forced to wear our identities silently, like a star of david hiding on bare skin underneath a shirt, in order to avoid violence, persecution, and discrimination. but i don’t want us to hide, and i don’t want our chanichimot to grow up in a world where their judaism puts them at greater risk of pain.”

“I believe that a Confederation expands on a Two State Solution. It provides a vision for the future and not just a political idea, but rather and educational and political idea.  I believe in Jewish self-determination. I believe in Palestinian self-determination.  I also believe that these two aren’t mutually exclusive.”

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