What is Veida?

The membership of HDNA gather at Veida every two years to participate in Habonim Dror’s democratic process. At this six-day seminar, you’ll get to create, amend, and vote on proposals that will shape the movement. Keep your eyes peeled for Veida 2019 registration, coming soon!

Beyond deliberating, Veida is a time to gather, discuss, and have fun with your friends from Habonim Dror! You will go through a collaborative educational process, meet with your national kvutza, prepare for the summer at machaneh, and take action on pressing issues in the movement and in society. We do it all through the most creative learning methods, incorporating fun and magic into each day.

Veida is open to movement members in 10th grade and older, including nachshonimot (high schoolers) and maapilimot (college age movement members). It is the largest HDNA seminar of the year. 

Below, you can find resolutions from Veidot going back to 1993! Browsing the proposals is a great way to learn about Habo history, and to get inspired to continue movement members’ long legacy of diving head-on into the big questions facing Jewish youth!