Habonim Dror North America Constitution, updated Veida XVIII 2013

Article III: Membership

Section 1. Membership in Habonim Dror is open to all youth in the United States and Canada who recognize, accept and adhere to the principles of the Movement.

Section 2. Membership in Habonim Dror shall be divided into three groups with the following designations:

  • CHANICHIM—Grades 2-10
  • NACHSHONIM—Graduates of the Hadracha programs (MBI and Madatz) and/or chaverim/ot of the equivalent ages.
  • MA’APILIM—Members and graduates of the Workshop program and/or chaverim/ot of the equivalent ages and all chaverim/ot of the pre-Workshop kvutza who work at a Habonim Dror machaneh.

Section 3. Nachshonim and Ma’apilim members shall have the right to be represented and to vote at meetings of members, provided they have paid the prevailing Mas. Each such member shall be entitled to one vote. Chanichim shall not have the right to vote.

Article V: Membership in Good-Standing

Section 7. Chanichim: A member in good-standing of the Chanichim shall pay the prevailing Mas, attend peulot regularly, participate in movement programs, and indicate interest and good faith in being in the movement. Such a

member may then vote in local decision-making forums and receive movement publications. Chanichim recognize the principles of Habonim Dror.

Section 8. Nachshonim: A member in good-standing of the Nachshonim shall pay the prevailing Mas, attend peulot regularly, participate in movement programs, and be willing to assume positions and tasks of responsibility within his/her kvutzah, ken, and/or eizor. Such a member may then vote in local decision-making forums, participate in a Veida, and receive movement publications. Nachshonim recognize and accept the principles of Habonim Dror.

Section 9. Ma’apilim: A member in good-standing of the Ma’apilim shall pay the prevailing Mas and assume positions and tasks of responsibility and leadership in an eizor, or machaneh of Habonim Dror, or be an active participant in a Ken Ma’apilim, or in some other form of Zionist work in line with Habonim Dror’s values, such as J Street U. Ma’apilim should take an active role in the ken unless there is a valid reason for one not to participate. Ma’apilim recognize, accept, and adhere to the principles of Habonim Dror. To be a Ma’apil/a in good-standing requires striving for the following goals:

  1. Becoming knowledgeable in the Hebrew language, Jewish History, a pluralist Jewish Culture, Jewish Traditions and Jewish Sources.
  2. Being an activist and a leader in the Jewish Community.
  3. Being an activist and leader in the struggle for Social Justice in the world.
  4. Creating a personal relationship with the Jewish Homeland by returning to Israel on a long term basis.
  5. Creating collective structures and cooperative spaces where Ma’apilim come together to develop their understanding of socialist principles through active participation.