Caring for the HDNA Community Following October 7th

Dear Tnua,

Over the past two days Israel has entered into a state of emergency unlike anything that we have experienced in the past 50 years. We are hearing from our friends and partners living throughout south and central Israel and understand that the situation is significantly worse than anyone first thought.

We stand with the people of Israel in mourning. Saturday was the deadliest day in Jewish history since the Holocaust and in all of Israeli history. We are appalled at the brutal terrorist actions of Hamas that have left untold hundreds dead, thousands injured, and many taken hostage. Additionally, we are deeply disturbed that anyone would praise these acts. No one, no matter your political opinions, should celebrate massacres, kidnapping, and other crimes against humanity.

We are sure that the days to come will only open further wounds, and we hope for the safety of all innocents. We grieve the senseless loss of innocent life and pray for the safe return of those taken hostage and for the safety of all those whose lives are now in danger.

In these times, as always, we stand in solidarity with the bogrimot of our movement and our sister movement in Israel; we see value in the community based education that HDNA provides. We believe in the ability of madrichimot and chanichimot to give each other the tools to face the reality we are living and to continue to build a better future. Moving forward, we call upon the members of HDNA to be there for one another despite any ideological disagreements and to engage in sichot as madrichimot, chanichimot, and chevrei kvutza.

Although these are the moments when it is most difficult, these are also the moments when it is critical to be a source of strength for each other and for your chanichimot. Do not give in to despair or apathy. You are not alone in your fear and confusion, and together we struggle to build a world that is peaceful, just, and free.  

“There will be no victory of light over dark until we stand on the simple truth that instead of fighting the dark, we must build the light” – A. D. Gordon

Aleh v’Hagshem, 
Mazkirut Artzit 5784

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