#LeadTheHaboWay with Zach Boroda

Zach Boroda from Galil

Summer 2020 is a unique one in Habonim Dror North America history, with machanot meeting virtually or for day camps during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re asking our dedicated madrichimot what it’s been like to continue to #LeadTheHaboWay during this unprecedented time. 

Why did you choose to be a madrichol during the summer?

I chose to be a madrich this summer because I wanted to continue the traditions of camp through the pandemic. I wanted to make sure that machaneh existed as a space for my chanichimot in the same way that it existed for me.

How does it feel to meet chanichimot during this specific summer?

It is always an amazing experience meeting my chanichimot during the summer. This year despite all of our interactions taking place virtually it was still very exciting meeting my chanichimot.

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