Gap Year: Workshop

Join your national shichvah (age group) for North America’s longest running Israel gap year program. During this 9 month experience you will live collectively in kvutzot (small groups) and travel the country while learning about the diverse history of Israel, the Israeli people, and the Hebrew language. Meet your peers from the international Habonim Dror […]

Seven North American Summer Camps

Machanot Kayitz — מחנות קיץ Habonim Dror machanot (summer camps) provide children ages 8 – 17 with a unique camping experience. Based on the model of a kibbutz, each machaneh (camp) creates a close-knit community based on the ideals of collective responsibility, respect, equality and friendship. A wealth of activities, programs and scouting events are […]

Machaneh Bonim b’Israel (MBI)

מחנה בונים בישראל Experience Israel by participating in the most unique program of its kind from North America. Join MBI for a five week summer adventure with your post grade 10 national shichva (age group). On MBI you will travel the country from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv; from the Golan Heights to the Negev. Learn first hand about […]

Tisha B’av 5774

Tisha B’av, תשעה באב, the summer holy day commemorating Destruction and Renewal, challenges us as educators, Jews, and human beings every year. We hope these resources can aid you in your personal and communal observance of this day. Especially this summer, reflecting on this chag and current events, we are faced with its relevance. Conflict and injustice […]

AVODAH Fellowship applications due July 28

Strive for Justice, Thrive in Community with the AVODAH Fellowship! Applications are open for the second cohort of the AVODAH Fellowship, a selective nine month, learning and community-building experience for early-career Jewish professionals working to fight poverty in New York City. Join a Jewish community of experienced social justice leaders who will help you develop […]

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