The name "Habonim" is a Hebrew word meaning "the builders." Much of the movement's terminology is likewise in Hebrew. Over the years new Hebrew terms have been added or have replaced others. (Indeed, as a result of a merger with another world movement as this book was being prepared, Habonim changed much of its terminology and added the word "Ichud" [union] to its very name).

In this book, many of the Hebrew words have been translated or explained in the text; others, especially names of Jewish holidays and customs, can be found in most dictionaries. The list that follows includes only the most basic Hebrew terms as well as a few English names from Habonim's history.

The reader is reminded that the letters ch are pronounced as in the German ach and that the grammatical suffixes -a, -im, -ot represent f. sing., m. pl., and f. pl., respectively. In the text, common nouns have been written in italics, while names have been capitalized.

Alei U'vnei Arise and Build (the motto of Habonim) 

aliya immigration to Israel 

Aliya Bet "illegal" immigration carried out against British rule 

avoda work, labor 

bayit house 

Bet Habonim movement educational center at Kfar Blum 

boneh member of Habonim, specifically one of high-school age 

Camp Kvutza movement summer camp chatufz pioneer in Israel, especially a member of a cooperative settlement

chalutziut pioneering; way of life of the chatutz 

chanich student, one educated in a youth movement 

chava training farm 

chaver member, comrade 

Chavurat Aliya movement framework for those planning to settle in Israel 

chevra group 

dunam Israeli measure, about one fourth of an acre 

Eretz Israel The Land of Israel, Palestine 

Farband Labor Zionist fraternal order 

Galut Diaspora

garin group preparing for settlement 

giyus mobilization 

Gordonia a youth movement which merged with Habonim in 1938 

hachshara training for settlement 

hagana defense 

Hagana official Jewish underground in Palestine before 1948 

hagshama atzmit self-realization, self-fulfillment

Hanoar Haoved youth movement of Histadnit 

Hashomer Hatzair leftist youth movement

Hechalutz framework for prospective settlers from all movements 

Histadrut General Federation of Labor in Israel; actually, a federation of both unions and cooperatives

hityashvut haovedet general term for cooperative settlement movement 

kibbutz cooperative settlement 

Kibbutz Aliya original name of Chavurat Aliya 

kinus conference 

kupa cooperative fund 

kvutza in Habonim, a club or group,' in Israel, same as a kibbutz 

Kvutza see Camp Kvutza 

Labor Zionist Organization of America (LZOA) see Poale Zion 

Lishkat Hakesher or Lishka office in Israel for contacts with Habonim in America and elsewhere; predecessor of World Habonim 

machaneb branch of the movement in a community; also, a camp 

Machon L'madrichei Chutz L'Aretz (Machon) Institute for Jewish Youth Leaders from Abroad, in Jerusalem 

madrich leader 

Mapai Labor Party of Israel 

mazkir executive secretary

menahel original term for madrich

merakez organizer, coordinator

merkaz central or executive committee 

meshek agricultural settlement 

mifal official movement settlement 

mishlachat official delegation from Israel to youth movements in the Diaspora 

moadon meeting hall or center 

moatza council 

moshav smallholder's settlement less completely cooperative than a kibbutz or kvutza 

moshav ovdim, moshav shitfufi types of moshav 

noar young-adult age group 

oleh immigrant to Israel

oneg Shabbat Sabbath celebration 

PATWA framework for professionals interested in immigrating to Israel 

pegisha meeting 

Pioneer Women Women's Labor Zionist Organization 

pluga unit 

Poale Zion (formerly Poale Zion Zeire Zion) senior Labor Zionist organization 

rosh head, director 

sabra native of Israel 

Shabbat Sabbath 

shaliach official emissary from Israel to youth movements in the Diaspora 

shekel World Zionist Organization dues 

sicha discussion 

solel member of youngest age group (10-12) 

Tnua Hameuchedet Habonim in Israel 

tzofeh member of 12-15 group 

Tzofiut scouting 

vaad, vaada committee 

v'ida convention 

yishuv Jewish community in Palestine 

Young Poale Zion Alliance (YPZA) predecessor of Habonim